Where to access

While there is no legal time limit on access to abortion in Quebec, individual access points vary in terms of maximum dates for procedures from 12-18 weeks (most are 12). If you are more than 18 weeks pregnant you can contact the Montreal abortion appointment centre at 514-380-8299 to make an appointment. After 23 weeks, you may be referred to a provider in the United States where later abortions are performed.

Costs for procedures without RAMQ are subject to change, but range from $550- $1200 depending on the site and number of weeks of the pregnancy. We recommend contacting the FQPN (website in French) at 514 866 3721, or the access sites directly for up to date information and options for financial support. You can also contact us for support in accessing this information.

We cannot guarantee proper use or respect of pronouns from staff at all sites listed, but can from our volunteers and we can help you navigate these situations as needed including the choice of clinic based on our previous experiences.



Where to access an abortion in Montreal: clinic List