About MAAP

How much do you charge?
We provide free support.

Do you provide abortions?
No, we do not provide any medical services. We provide support through information and accompaniment.

Can you stay with me during the procedure?
Depending on the clinic and doctor performing your procedure, we may be able to stay with you. If this is important to you please let us know so we can make arrangements.

Do you support people who do not identify as a woman, and will you use my pronouns?
Yes! We understand that transmasculine, non binary, and genderqueer people also access abortion services. We will use your chosen name and your pronouns. We cannot guarantee, however, that all clinics will do so, but we can best direct you in light of these needs.

Can you stay with me at my home after the procedure?
This is support you can request and that may be available depending on your doula’s availability and comfort level.


How can I volunteer with MAAP?
So glad you’re interested! You can find more information on volunteering with us on our get involved page.