What we do

We provide support related to abortion in Montreal, including before, during and after. This means we can give you information on your options, what the procedure will be like, and what you might experience. On the day of your appointment, we can help you in the ways that will give you the most comfort depending on your needs and each volunteer’s comfort level. This might include things like holding your hand, distracting you with conversation, providing comforting touch, listening to your story, helping you relax, and tucking you into bed. After your abortion we are there to support you in any way you need. We also offer support to anyone who has had an abortion in the past.

The volunteers at MAAP will fully support what you decide you will do. We cannot decide anything for you, but we can talk things through with you and listen, without judgement, to your ideas, thoughts, wishes, and fears.

The support you receive will be unique to you and the volunteer who supports you*

  • We’re here if you want information on what is available to you.
  • We’re here if you would like someone to come with you to your appointment.
  • We’re here if you need someone to take you home, or to your safe space.
  • We’re here if you just want someone to be with you but not talk at all.
  • We’re here if you just need to share your story.
  • We’re here if you want a space to process your experience regardless of when the abortion took place

What we can do (if you want)

  • Talk things through with you and listen without judgement
  • Fully support what you decide you will do
  • Help make you more comfortable
  • Explain the procedure/outcomes
  • Help prepare you for what you’ll need
  • Wait with you in the waiting room
  • Accompany you during your procedure (at some clinics)
  • Stay with you while you recover
  • Help you get home, or somewhere safe
  • Make sure you’re comfortable, have food and something to do
  • Help you process and integrate your experience
  • Refer you to other resources

What we can’t do

  • Decide anything for you
  • Stay with you if the situation puts us in danger
  • Provide financial support to those without insurance
  • Diagnose or treat any medical conditions
  • Provide shelter


*Each volunteer will have their own boundaries, just like each person we support will.